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Centynal EC Insecticide

Centynal™ EC¬†Insecticide

Now an emulsifiable concentrate, Centynal™ EC Insecticide helps protect stored grains from a wide range of insect infestations. This solution can be relied upon as a consistent resource for protecting rice, wheat, corn and more.

  • Kills a broad spectrum of stored product insects on contact
  • Dilute with water or oil
  • Apply directly to grain stream or as an empty bin treatment
  • Active ingredient deltametherin
  • Protects against: Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, granary weevils, rice weevils and more
  • Effective knockdown with long-lasting residual
  • May be tank mixed with Diacon® IGR PLUS
  • 3-5 gal per 1000 bushels when applied to the grain stream
  • 1 gal per 1000 ft for empty bin treatments
  • Codex approved

Examples of industry application equipment can be seen below:

Application equipment can be purchased from multiple sources. For more information about these particular pieces of equipment, please visit http://foodprotectionservices.net/.