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Diacon®┬áIGR PLUS

Diacon® IGR PLUS is one product that can be used both on grain and for sanitation purposes. The versatile liquid formulation contains a combination of an insect growth regulator (IGR) plus adulticide. This solution protects against a broad spectrum of insects and provides long lasting residual control from start to finish.

  • Dilute with water or oil
  • Combination insect growth regulator PLUS adulticide
  • Prevents the buildup of pests
  • Active ingredients (S)-methoprene and deltamethrin
  • Effective knockdown solution
  • Can be used in empty bins and warehouses
  • Codex approved for cereal grains

Examples of industry application equipment can be seen below:

Application equipment can be purchased from multiple sources. For more information about these particular pieces of equipment, please visit http://foodprotectionservices.net/.